Why should I use PatriotPics.com?

By using Patriotpics.com you are sending something tangible to your soldier in a hassle free way that he or she can physical touch and see every day.


Will the Patriotpic stand up to the harsh conditions my soldier faces overseas?

Yes Patriotpics are printed on reusable non residue vinyl which is UV, water, scratch, and graffiti resistant making it ideal for overseas use.


What surfaces can I stick my Patriotpic to?

Patriotpics stick to most flat non porous surfaces such as footlockers, wall lockers, glass, non-porous walls, and metals such as the inside of most military vehicles.


Is PatriotPics.com competitively priced?

Due to our low overhead and upcoming Nonprofit status our prices are well below the competition.


What are the guidelines for photo submission?

Digital Photos – image must meet minimum resolution of 2048x1536 and subject or subjects to be printed should encompass at least 40% of the entire photo.


What are your minimum resolution requirements for an image?

Digital Photos – minimum resolution of 2048x1536 is needed for upload to Patriotpics. Any image not meeting the minimum requirement will not upload. A 2048x1536 resolution is available on any digital camera with a MegaPixel rating of 3 or higher which most modern camera are. (Check your camera instruction manual for guidance.)

Scanned Images – minimum of 300 dpi scan is need for upload and image should be scanned as a. tiff.

Customers should keep in mind that the higher the image quality the better the final product.